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To understand this historic truth that happened approx 330 years before Christ you must be Greek.... ...When the king of Greeks Alexander the great concered the city of Corinth , the only person he wanted to meet was the cinic philosopher Dioghenes. He came with all his generals infront of him and Alexander asked Diogenes "What do you want from me? " the philosopher answered " To stop covering with your body the Sun" you see Dioghenes was sun bathing at this time , the answer of Alexander was" if I was not Alexander I would have liked to be Dioghenes " and he left. Imagine if he was a Roman emperor , his generals will have execute him immediately the same if he was a Slav general of today his followers would have make the philosopher swiss cheese with their Kalasnikofs. This is the big difference between Greeks and others , so Macedonia is Greek and Alexander the Great the King of Greeks. Also lets not forget that Macedonia is a Geographical area like Tyrolo did anybody of the three Tyrolo countries ever thought to create the state of Tyrolo? of cource not because are civilized and they know History , Geography and most important Philosophy.

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