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Stop Any Kind Of Safari Hunting In Africa

We should all feel affected by people who go out shooting beautiful animals just for fun. Whether it's a dog or cat, or the woderful animals that populate Africa and other parts of the world - like elephants, lions, tigers, giraffes, et. al. I feel we are past the point of needing animal meat, skins, etc. to survive. Our 21st century world has enabled us to be able to live with synthetic fibers that are made into clothing that keep us warm in very cold temperatures. And scientists have shown that we are probably much healthier eating a vegetarian or vegan diet. The individuals who perpetuate the killing of animals, especially the killing of these incredibly intelligent and exceptional animals killed on safaris, or that the poachers kill for ivory tusks, or for furs, etc. ..These people do not care about the fact that they are killing off these animals. We know they are close to extinction. And who knows how this all affects our ecosystem..I care because I believe these animals are as important as human life. They cannot speak for or protect themselves..Just like our children. They need our protection. To live free without the threat of man!

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