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Facebook Must Block Illicit Images And Videos Of Children

the internet is gods gift to mankind , over satan and his deciples of the nwo , who are hell bent in enslaving mankind with there human microchip program , they want to reduce the worlds populations by billions , they also want to destroy christianity and impose there anti-christ world banker , 666 is there evil way , porn is there main weapon to do so, now gods animals are getting involved with his beastly sex , gay , marrage etc is the same act , his eyes ? especialy those who abuse his children , my late daughter and son recently died through mankinds greed of power and money through there corrupt banking and failing to cure our love ones with gods alternetive medicines , like of which is now combating our worlds abola crises ? i just offered my name to be listed in my support ?....i suggest everyone do likewise says the lord www.peter campbell ukip health activist

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