Barbara Cook

As a Victim of judicial Constructed fraud in Montana USA! I like the world to learn about the Dangers of coming to America and having your life reedited by this type of Crime against unsuspecting, healthy, skilled, legal residing taxpaying Non-Americans, with no prior dealings in politics, no prior convictions, and no prior understanding that this is even possible, as me. My life in short has been an eight year nightmare with damages suffered to my body & health, my name, my properties, my rights on ALL LEVELS and of course my morale. I am being falsely accused, arrested, institutionalized and falsely processed again and again, while forced to endure, pain, poverty, starvation, insults, robberies, abductions, and lawsuits over my protests of finding this type of maltreatment of my persona, physically, mentally and socially not endurable. I like the world to find out what good tax-credit accruals and good health can get you into in America