Daniela Todescu

Hi, am mother alone and missing the first years of my son! I mean travel work and parents help which was better to get the family grow toghether in the new role of parenthood! Husband wife and son! To find like an alien in the life of the most dear to you than and be mother and father as impose the limits is a terrible experience which require time and good will from both parts! if the familly issues are bursting by a tradition striving hardly to correct myself than may change the 2nd nature formed by dailly habits?! Everything is possible, but is a time process! That*s why EDUCATION i strive for the importance to mirror our selves into the high standards of common sense 10 Comandments Jehovah have prepared with us as OBLIGATION AS MUST TO BE KEPT BECAUSE FROM THAT ONES DEPEND OUR HEALTH WEALTH AND HAPPYNESS! NO CONSTITUTION AND SOO NAMED HUMAN RIGHTS MAY EVER DO AS LONG THE NATURAL ROLES OF THE FAMILLY CELL AS FOUNDATION OF OUR SOCIETY , IS SOO HARD DAMAGED BY IMPROPER CONDUCT BUT *LEGAL*? When the soo named legality of the LGBTQ Rights may harm anyhow my right to be a happy grandmother carying my nephews than be sure I start the warning signal! Are the good people not educate properly and missleadet often by the familly nest in strange behaviours! But may Jehovah know better what is more important in His eyes! As written: Isaiah 56: 4-5 For this is what Jehovah has said to the eunuchs that keep my sabbaths and that have chosen what I have delighted in and that are laying hold of my covenant: 5 “I will even give to them in my house and within my walls a monument and a name, something better than sons and daughters. A name to time indefinite I shall give them, one that will not be cut off. Soo as the kids learn everyday from us the nurture the smile the patience the duty*s, it was a time when confronting with see taht the most basics rules my son was lacking..Blame myself wish to change it all , bubbelling in oneself skin soo to say and frustrating to recognize the emancipation worst effects may ever womans recognize! we can be anything! poliqualificated in home duty*s, cleaning washing , shopping, budged and economy by the cooking, than our profession and when be mothers no time to be mother because of?! Miss the evenings to read aloud to talk and play and laugh! Miss the time the boy eyes where searching and asking questions, when the time set apart than barelly may pay attention until some loud tones..When we mirror ourselves in God book tahn may help our kids to define they re life into a healthy happy frame of personality , the safe heaven at home! Do we? No wonder that the 7 steps for better parenting start with one step! seek good advice!the pleasure to show you where to find this precious advices is mine! http://www.watchtower.org/e/200708/article_01.htm. in the hope you will enjoy it, heartfully yours, Daniela Todescu