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Stop The Cruelty Of Greyhound Racing

Because no animal deserves to suffer it's entire life. They are dogs, like all dogs, that want to be a loyal companion and live a decent life. Why would we deny that to one of the most gentle and sweet breeds? How can we condone such atrocities being done in the name of a sport? It's barbaric. I doubt we will be able to stop dog racing, any more than we can stop horse-racing. But, if people knew what goes on, hopefully dog racing will lose it's audience, which would then force these dog racers to find another way to make a profit. Who would want to do this? It's no better than dog fighting. AT the very least, we should make it a crime to live bait, and to subject these beautiful dogs to the torture and death that they are subjected to. We need more adoption agencies and we need to let people know what is going on behind closed doors at dog races.

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