Michelle Davis

I joined this community because I feel as if the paranormal world has been a part of my life all of my life. By joining this cause I support the notion that the paranormal world belongs in "our world" and that for it to be accepted and understood we within the paranormal community need to support causes such as these that share information, support, awareness, and evidence to those within the paranormal community and those who are "new" to it. Also and perhaps most importantly this cause also provides people within the paranormal community the opportunity to communicate and network with other people who have been or are in some way experiencing paranormal events in their lives and who want to understand these events and how they might relate to them and the world in which they live in. I ultimately joined this cause so that I could gain greater understanding and share that understanding with others in hopes that the knowledge gained would be perserved for those that follow in our footsteps. :)~