Corinne Lerman

I have loved animals since I was a child, trying to climb in the lion's cage to pet him when I was 3 years old.nearly giving my grandfather a heart attack. I am single at the moment and my love is shared with my 2 cats and the adopted animals that I have. My entire life I was highly allergic to cats, to the point of being hospitalized when I even entered a house with a cat, then I got my 1st baby Tiffany, after 6 weeks of suffering, the allergies ended and I have never been allergic again and i have a close friend that went through the same ritual and had the same outcome. It is easy for a doctor to say it is the pet or the cat, it is mind over matter and the willingness to suffer for a little while for years and years of undying love and devotion. It was worth every pill and every bloodshot eye and every wease I took! If you love animals and wish to help me sell items to help save more and know about computers plmk.