Marylou Quinones

Love should not be doing ugly thing! God is watching you even those you don't see him. He will come to you when your time come! Don't be surprise when inform your record because I already hold that before! Ban Phone app game DOGS Wars.. People animal lover are very angry! Goverment in your heart to should not allow it! You will be destroyed in God hands!

Marylou Quinones's supporters

  • animal_rights
    Tom Maxwell

    The reason I dedicate myself to helping animals so much is because there are already so many people dedicated to hurting them.

  • Dawn Mello
  • no_fracking
    Brenda Price

    Protecting animals, people and the planet we live on. Let's all work together and make a change for the better. Our future generations deserve a chance.

  • Tongbai Mason
  • dog_lover
    Danielle Inman
  • legalize_marijuana
    Melissa Ritchey
  • animal_adoption
    Carrie Ann Khaddour

    An Animal Lover.A Voice for the Voiceless,I LoveGOD/TRUTH.I Believe in Standing up for What is Right and against Injustice on any level Defending theDefenseless

  • go_green
    Erik Postma
  • go_green
    Ellen Thayer

    Iam a animal activist! Animal abuse and neglect has to be stop ! Education, spay and neuter! Enforcing stricter laws ! Regerstration abusers list!

  • animal_adoption
    Elizabeth Kane
  • save_the_oceans
    Sara M Plues
  • animal_abuse
    Noble Canine Pets

    Lifelong Dog Lover. I work with dogs and have two websites all about dogs. One includes all the little creatures you can attract to your yard 2 create Habitat.

  • save_the_whales
    Sandy Stipp