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Stop Craigslist From Advertising Animals.

A few years ago in my country, Bulgaria, there were real fascist camps for dogs. But the poor animals, that were there, had LUCK to be alive... Thousands of their mothers, brothers, sisters and fathers were killed most brutally on their way to these camps... Me and my family had a chance to save a small part of these dogs - 21, whom we placed in the yard of our office. Now we have 11 dogs - the rest of them has come... in the natural way, in the age 11-18 years! They had every day of their life meal and LOVE. During all these years I took part in a lot of TV and Radio discussions. I spend thousands talks and heard the most cruel words in my address... And I had got many new friends. NOW: most of our friends, neighbours and acquaintances have dogs at home. Not everything is brilliant. There are still many homeless animal...But the situation is changing - to the better! I hope this story sounds to you optimistic!

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