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I am against all forms of animal and human cruelty and will fight for those with no voice.

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Abolish 'stand Your Ground' And 'shoot First' Laws

Stand your ground is nothing more than open season hunting on young black men by gun packing idiots who know (especially now) that they can get away with murder by simply claiming stand your ground whether there was a problem or not. The only case it SHOULD stand is Marissa who was sentenced so harshly for simply protecting herself and family from a psychopath. This law scares the crap out of me. I am so glad we don't have it here. I really wish Zimmerman would be retried. Wipe that smug look off his face. He looks proud of what he did. I'm glad Travon at least got to kick his ass before the wimp pulled a gun...Yeah Zimmerman you're a real bad ass. Anyway sorry, Please vote to ban this law. How many have to die before someone speaks up and does something. R.I.P Travon. I wrote a special poem just for you. I would love to share with yoru parents.

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