Sumaya Sharaf Khalif

I am a calm ambitious women,who is very intelligent , it is just that i have know starting to work dowards my self esteem witch is very low, but i read alot of book, every type of books and i paint also. But my best futures is that a listen more than i talk and write poems and like discussions and how to make this earh a better plase for us to live in. I respect earldery and like helping people no matter what they are in for situation and i asept people each one for who they are and not judge them by their lack. Mostly i have a dream to macke a change with youth and kids. I hade like to make dokumantries and become a teacher , to read pedagigik and to learn how to teach kids disiplin and how they can grow later on like a behaved good person. I have intrest to become some on who people can rely on and trust