Lacey Richardson

Well first off my name Is~ Lacey~ For those of you who don't know me~ I'm 28 and I've lived In South Portland all my life and It's where I graduated from too In 2001~ SoPo Is my hometown!!!! So back too the ranch~ I'm a mother of one and his name Is Dawson and he's the love of my life!!!!! He makes life make sense!!!!! So a lil bit bout me well I'm 5'11 long brown hair blue eyes full lips nice complextion nice straight white teeth big boobs small waist gheto booty and a lil thick~ I have five tattoo's and I love emmm all and I want sum more only a few more though!!! Emmmmm Hmmmm that's me In a nut shell!!! Things I like and like too do well I love being with my son all the time and when I have free time which I don't have that often I love going out too the clubs~ driven my parents whip around hahaha (need to get one for myself)~ like going for walks~ I like to write~ read~ draw~ CHILLIN~ LISTENIN TO MUSIC CAUSE LIFE WITHOUT MUSIC THERE WOULD BE NO LIFE AS WE KNOW IT~ go too the beach~ layin out In the sun gettin tan~ camping~ goin on the computer~ Just bout anything fun that comes my way I'll do~ So before I trun this Into a noval I'll say that thats Just bout sums It up bout me so If there's anything more you want too know feel free and ask!!!!! Latazzzzz

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