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    FACILITATE TO GIVE ME APPOINTMENT AS I AM THE GENERAL SECRETARY OF ALL INDIA BAR ASSOCIATION, I FOUND HUMILIATION, WHICH I HAVE ALSO NOTED IN THE DEALING WITH THE PEOPLE TO THIS APATHY IN YOUR STRUCTURE Yogesh Kumar Saxena Advocate High Court, Allahabad Residance:- H.I.G. 203 Preetam Nagar, Near Kabir Mandir, Sulem Sarai Housing Scheme, Allahabad Chamber No. 139, High Court, Allahabad Fax No. 2636871/2436966 Phone No. 0532-2637720 ,2436451 Phone No. 0532-2637720 2436451 Mobile No. 9792131584 9415284843 E-mail:[email protected] [email protected] Ex Senior . Vice President, Advocate’s Association , High Court, Allahabad World Parliament Experiment Bonn, Germany Middle-East Asia Representative 2008 Conference Swami Vivekananda World Ethical Foundation New Kerken Near Dusseldorf, Germany Vice President Geeta Ashram International Charitable Trust, Rishikesh, Kotdwar, Pauri Garwal, Uttranchal. Editor of Selected Allahabad Cases Manav Law Publication, Allahabad Trained Mediator(1st Batch) Mediation And Reconsilation Centre,High Court, Allahabad Kayastha Ratna, Legal President Akhil Bhartiya Kayasth Maha Shabha Friends Of B.J.P. Social Group (E-mail Group) Institute Of Rewriting Indian History, Aundh, Pune (President Uttar Pradesh Unit) National Spokesman Akhil Bhartiya Vaicharik Kranti National Coordinator Hind Kishan Majdoor Party (A Political Party) Rashtriya Ahimsa Manch (A Political Party) President U.P. Bhartiya Jansangh (A Political Party) Vande Matram Foundation Group A Social Organization) Advocate For Freedom Group (E-mail Google Group) World Citizenship Group (E-mail Google Group) Intellectual Property Right (E-mail Google Group) Nationalist Group (E-mail Google Group) Anti- Corrupt Media Group (E-mail Google Group) Selected Poems At Poetry.com yogrekha Group (E-mail Google Group) Medicine Free Life Group (E-mail Google Group)