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Expose All Animal Abusers Support Registries For Animal Abusers

Garden of Eden, animals are our friends, they are considered to be on the same level of angels, they are kinder than we are, G-d gave the 7 Noahide laws to all humans and one of the seven is not to be cruel to animals. The punishment if you were was death. Now the whole world is dying and screaming for compassion and help. Is anyone listening? Your subconscious is because intuition is the gentle voice of G-d and always correct. I am ashamed of our choosing to be blind and deaf to the cries that they all emanate through vibrations. They are begging us to stop and have compassion. Why is it that we are all disturbed or depressed? Because all of us can know this truth or feel it on some level. It's time to repent to all animals and free them - back to the Garden of Eden where we all belong . Wean off human sadistic inclinations with all your might. Stand up for the truth and what is right. We have to love and care for them. That's the beginning of bringing heaven back down to earth.

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