Kari Couch

I am a mother, wife, sister, daughter, grandmother of 14 grandchildren. And an Aunty, a mother in law, and was a Wife in law. RIP jenny. I love Animals, and I volenteer crossposting for the rescue shelters, by mobile phone only, I do put in a lot of time in helping furry friends. I'm working hard on researching to open my own no kill rescue shelter here in Colorado, and to help my dear friend in NewYork to stop the killing Animals and making all shelters in America no kill shelers. I love Chilren, and I've done foster care for teens for the human services in the 89's. I adore my sbbling, and I'm pround of my family. I have 5 childrn, 1 son, and 4 girls. And One son in law. I Love music, all kinds. Well that's all I can think to say.