Wade Hudson

I've been a political activist, community organizer, and writer in the San Francisco Bay Area (my home since 1962). I currently work as a part-time taxi driver.


This essay aims to clarify underlying principles, propose some potential new methods, and identify immediate actions that can help build a full employment movement.

Building a Full Employment Movement: Options for Action

Wade's Wire
By Wade Lee Hudson Two-thirds of the American people agree. As a society, we “ought to see to it that everyone who wants to work can find a job.” Most Americans also believe the minimum wage should be high enough to enable workers to avoid poverty. We know how to guarantee every worker a living-wage job opportunity. We can do it easily. There…Read More
In this report, I address the controversy concerning the definition of "full employment," for I believe that a clear, common sense definition might help inspire a full employment movement.

Daily Kos: Right to Employment Moves Forward

By Wade Lee Hudson A standing-room-only crowd of 75 at a Capitol Hill forum on “Employment: A Human Right” provided a step forward in what may become a full employment movement. As reflected in my transcript of the answers to the moderator’s question on human rights, the five economists on the forum’s panel largely supported the proposition that…Read More
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