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End Whale & Dolphin Hunts By Japan

This inexplicable cruelty is permitted to continue year after year... every time I see photos or hear about it I cannot believe people can do this to such intelligent creatures. And what really disturbs me is that it CONTINUES to take place every year.. pointless, horrendous slaughter. If the Japanese are unable to stop it themselves, if they are too pig-headed and insensitive to realise that this is NOT the way guardians of this planet (which is what we all are) nurture and protect its resources.. never mind the unbelievable cruelty, pain and suffering inflicted on the gentle creatures, then the rest of the world must MAKE them see. Please join with me in trying to open their eyes so that I don't have to cry every year when I see these photos and watch Whale Wars on the TV. A mother Southern Right whale brought her baby to show us when I was whale watching in Hermanus in July, it was the most beautiful thing... please help give these animals a reason to trust us. Chiz Judge

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