Mamta Dhody

Mamta Dhody daughter of late Shri Jagdish Chandra Dhody (UIIC -estd 18-2-1973)of Jabalpur who is son of Shri Nathu Shah Dhody of Army Ordnance corps(Military Accounts) ,Khamaria ,Jabalpur,and am a Forensic Psychology research student planning to make the Indian evidence Act -Clause 45 -Opinion of Experts credible and feasible under it,as also a social ,political and religious activist working against the massive conspiracy to overthrow the Indian Government in 2015 by Britain.If I am able to finish their evil intent ,it does not mean the conspiracy did not exist. Intelligence seeks to prevent crime. Public participation and research makes social dreams credible.I also want that Hinduism should be taught through the Gita Press of India -estd-1923 to Hindu Children identified by their Janam Patris and Ayodhya should be made a place for pilgrimage for all Hindus residing in the world.As Hinduism is the majority religion of the country called India ,any threat to Hindus on a mass scale translates into a threat to the very Independence and entity of the country. CIVIL WRIT PETITION 265 OF 2007 FILED BY ME IN THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA FOR THIS PURPOSE ONLY.CHANGE IN NAME OF ARABIAN SEA TO SINDHU SAGAR TO CHALLENGE RULES OF CONTINENTAL SHELF AND MARITIME BORDERS OF THE INDIAN OCEAN .PETITION WAS DUMPED BY BJP.IT WAS ALSO BASED ON UNRECOGNIZED DHARAM PARIVARTAN OR CHANGE TO ISLAM OR CHRISTIANITY WITHOUT CHANGE IN NAME.LEGALLY IF A PERSON CHANGES TO ANOTHER RELIGION HE /SHE HAS TO CHANGE HIS NAME TOO ESPECIALLY TO BE BAPTISED.PRITHVIRAJ CEMETERY AT SHAHJEHAN ROAD WILL SHOW HOW MANY BRAHMINS ARE BURIED WITH HINDU NAMES AS WELL AS HOW MANY CHRISTIANS HAVE BEEN KILLED FOR SYMBOLISM MEDICALLY. This time the British Military and Satellite system is in place in the British Indian Ocean in the Island of Diego Garcia.The American presense in the shape of Nato is dimunitive.That is Sri Lanka has been finished with zero Hindu presense and all muslims.Next in line is Ram Seytu or Adam's Bridge which criminals seated as Indian politicians with potty in England are going to demolish so that huge ships laden with arms and ammunition can touch all indian ports and bastard khalistan/islam can fire at unarmed Hindus on a mass scale.