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Demand The Usda's Puppy Mill Inspectors Do Their Jobs!

I don't know ANYONE that respects Puppy Mill "breeders". Responsible breeders have one chosen breed that is so special to them that they make personal sacrifices to provide the best of care for their dogs, and any breeding is carefully done to help improve that breed! Doing things RIGHT can be expensive. The pathetic reality is that the Millers only care about making the expense of the quality of life their dogs have. NO DOG should have to live in a cage, whether it is clean or filthy! Dogs need to live with loving families....they are NOT 'livestock'! I AM A RETIRED VERY RESPONSIBLE BREEDER OF MANY AKC CHAMPIONS, AND ALSO A RETIRED AKC JUDGE. I AM NOW A DEDICATED VOLUNTEER FOR RESCUE, AND WE SEE THE RESULTS OF THE HORROR THAT THESE POOR PUPPY MILL DOGS ENDURE....BOTH PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY!!! Please help by sharing this...every signature will help make a difference! Thank you SOOOO much!!!

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