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Sign The Petition To Ban Assault Style Rifles In America

It matters a lot and it should matter to all human beings, because if you love yourself then you should love thy neighbours, since we are all human beings under the fatherhood of the great Almighty, who has taught us nothing but mercy, care, share & Love. No religion teaches killing, only the followers n head of that religion out of their vested interest, preach n misguide the like minded people who believe in love. The craze of empowerment brings desire to destroy your subordinates and weaker section of the society. Instead live in harmony n spread Love and share n care for our fellow humen as you care for your siblings. And to spread love you need love and not Hatrage to kill your fellow human. Hence I strongly feel that the possession of gun in the hands of civilians should be completely banned through out the world. Let us all live and maintain Brotherhood under the Fatherhood of GOD, The ALMIGHTY........Amen...........So Mote It Be..... Though I am personally not affected by this issue, but I am emotionally effected very much personally.

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