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I m a girl who has dream to build own life but society & family never accept because I m a girl! always said girl can`t do this , that /this is man job ! but i always try do this but circumstance of life i never success cause of support , if you do something in this society you have to need support for family/ society what you can not find basically beginning after straggling may some can reach & find their dream but all can not ! why because I m a girl i have no right to think about my dream what my family /society think about me that is my life .My story is a m a daughter of a wealth family easily can find what i need but when the time came to chose to path of life can`t get what my choice able path i have to sacrifice cause girl can not see dream . but when my life is gone in easy track i got chance to make my dream again now m trying build my dream & everyone support me . I m a Lawyer now . i can`t change society but i can convinced them to support their girl child, my mission is save the girl child who wants to came in this world let them came .

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