Darlene Arden

Darlene Arden is an award-winning writer and author and Certified Animal Behavior Consultant whose work covers a wide range of topics from her specialty of pet writing to travel, women’s issues, and celebrity profiles. Arden lectures widely on Toy and Small dogs, Wellness for pets including nutrition, training and behavior. She also facilitates canine musical freestyle dance movement workshops, including music selection. Arden is also an experienced television producer/host, and a lively guest expert on various radio and television programs.

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    Debbie Dahmer

    *~*With my EYES, they will be SEEN... With my VOICE, they will be HEARD...With my FAITH, they will have HOPE...With my ACTIONS, they will be FREE...*~*

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    Nicole Eidsmoe

    We are a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization. Our mission is to rescue bully breed dogs who are the highest population in shelters and the first to be euthanized.

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    Sharer & carer for www.WherePetsAreFound.com www.twitter.com/WallasEKatt

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    Animal lover, defender of human rights, support the gay, transgendered community..

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    I am an advocate for pit bull and bully breeds. im also agaist animal cruelty of any kind. Im against BSL. I am a voice for those who cannot speak!

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    I am an animal lover with 18 forever cat housemates. I love music, sports, photography, social media, British TV and films and classic movies.

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