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Justice For Mia

This was a shelter where the care and adoption of animals should have been number one. They didn't do this. This beautiful animal was starved and bloodied when found tossed behind the shelter, dead, in a pit.My friends and I fight so hard to save these animals and for someone who is entrusted to take care of them,to purposely murder her through starvation and beatings is too much to take!! At the least, they should be in jail never able to take care of, or have in their home, any animals, and they should be made to pay restitution. The shelter should be seriously looked at, and if found culpable, shut down and fined heavily, as well as jailed. This is unconscionable. This poor baby depended on these humans for her very life. And they took it with malice and aforethought!! Bastards!!!!!!! Please help me get justice for Mia and sign this petition. Thank you. With love, Lori

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