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End The Gassing Of Dogs And Cats In Ohio County Shelters.

This campaign matters a lot to me, because it teaches society about who we are as citizens. When you have compassion for an human animal, and a human person we are loving people as God would want us to be. And our society that we live in would be so much caring and loving and respectful for all of us. To treat and animal as nothing, animals has feelings , like you and I. they have emotions, they are living, and kind , all they want if for you to be kind to them. We have to end this gassing of dogs, this is disgraceful, and shameful, These are our family, Pls stop this and find homes for these dogs. We need laws out there to protect our animals, people need to be educated, Thanking you for ev erybody out there for being a voice of our animals. Pls stop this crulity. Thank you Mary Lou chretien.

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