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Save The Rights & Benefits Of Our Military And Veterans

I'm a veteran of Vietnam and Desert Storm. I have been dealing with Va since I came home in 1977 from the US Navy. I enlisted in the Oregon National Guard, then desertstorm happened. I have felt with skin issues since I came home. They understand that I have the skin issues,but they want to evaluate how much area US infected. I always have the itching and stinging issues, just on different areas of the body at different times of the year. But they keep dragging it out. My Primary Va doctor suggested pictures of the infected areas as they show up. He has issued me different creams to help with these issues but it just helps control them for a while. I don't understand why our veterans are not better cared for then illegals. We served our country out of choice, and they make US wait for help,but hand it to illegals for breaking our laws. I want to know why?

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