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Yeri Valenzuela

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Cameras In Special Needs Classrooms

It Matters very strongly because my son as well came home with bruises. And every story they tell me about my son its hard to belive because it doesn't look like him. I know my son and his behaviors his outburst. For the last two day my son has Gotten Hurt, The Schools said it was a kid who hurt him then the next day a scratch and i Believe It's by the teacher Because my Son Autistic son With Limited Verbal was saying that his teacher grave his arm and but him in the Quiet room and the arm that he describe happening is the one with the scratch. He said "Bad Teacher" before i found out the scratch because my son was covering it while describing the incident i urge myself to go back to the classroom and confront the teacher about what my son said. He didnt denied him graving him, i told him that he hurt him, he didn't apologize but said he was trying to stop my son from tryinh to hurting anothere student in the classroom. I told him you need to try anothere way because you hurt my son, his craying say you hurt him. The Teacher describe my son as out of control he said he was a bully othere student. I was shock to here him say that, His in Autistic teacher and he should no better not to use name like that. He should have better training. I went back to my car with my son and took a good look at his arm and that when i seen that red mark that look to me as a scratch his wrist look red. Its aviouse that it came from the teacher. I really think that are kids need more pertection. And by having camera and video tape them will show us the truth if better yet no more lies or hiding the truth. We trust the school with our kids, but look what happens. Anothere story of my son he ran out of his classroom and when i picked him up early from school with out letting the teacher know i seen him outside alone. I was confused because i thought they never leave them alone atless that what they tell me. Cameras will be recorded and we can see if our kids are safe. If hadn't shown up early that day God forbid my son would have gotten hurt or lost. Please President Obama make this happen. Our kids don't have a voice to let us know what happens to them in school they cant even defend themselves when teachers are saying something that they didn't do. But you can be Savior to them by having every special needs class /school have cameras just like having cameras in all restaurant and supermarket. For safety why not them.

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