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    Crystal Trujillo

    I come from a family, that has been plagued by a type of disease of the mind. A Generational Plague. Caused by decades of dis-function and abuse, passed down from OUR for-fathers. Of the 140+ family members from my Generation, at least 95% of them lack simple life skills necessary to become positive, and productive members of society. They spend most of time in jail and/or prison, and on the streets when they are out. My entire family is addicted to drugs & alcohol, or has been at some point. Some are in gangs, some are child molesters, most abuse their children... and I could go on for a while..." but do I really need to?"

  • domestic_violence
    Carol Levine
  • disability_rights
    Penny Allen

    I am a student in college . I like to listen to gospel music and read the bible.