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As an American Jew, I find the State of Israel becoming the very monsters they portray the Arab nations to be. Israel has in effect imprison an entire region known as the Gaza Strip. It contains Palestinians of all ages and all education levels. In 2007 the Palestinian population of Gaza elected the group known as Hamas as their representatives in the Palestinian Council. Everyone from Israel to the US condemned the action and Israel stated the election was invalid. Israel had the opportunity to show the world that they are leaders in peace by recognizing the Hamas government and exchanging ambassadors. They choose instead to seal all land borders with Gaza. They even had there ally Egypt seal there borders with Gaza. Then they established a blockade on the coast of Gaza. This established in effect a Prison Camp known as Gaza for all the people living there. The people of Gaza are dependent on Israel to through them a few crumbs as Israel feels led. The economy, water, gas and medical are sold to Gaza at inflated prices. Israel has a history of attacking the Gaza every few years to let the Palestinians know their place and to let them know that they are the slaves of Israel.

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