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Children Are Taken By Government Departments When There Is No Abuse At All. It Has To Be Stopped

My 5 year old grand Daughter was held down by the foster mom's 20 year old son and three of his younger friends in a bath tub full of water until she began throwing up water. My little 5 year old begged for them not to kill her with the water. They told her that if she held still and stop fighting that they would take her our of the water. The next day in the car she told us what happen to her. We called the police and make a report that, 4 days later when the Oregon state case worker finally called us back after, our leaving her voice mails on her cell phone. The state worker main concern was that we should of waited for her, and let her make the report to the police. We took my grand daughter to C.A.R.E.S and the officer in charge and the C.A.R.E.S felt that the level of trauma for my 5 year old grand Daughter, her coming home with us would be best. The Oregon DHS Case worker and her Case manger came out 3 month later and took her for ice cream and never brought her back. We are Heading into Civil Court to sue for damages of child abuse and violation of 1, 3, 5, 14, 15, 18 Constitutional Rights. After what happen to the Cherokee Baby Veronica in the Carolina Supreme Court and the Federal Supreme Court I know that that courts are still in the hands of White European Settlers of what should be by gone years. What angry rude awakening that some thing have not change even with a face lift. If your poor and/or your skin is brown with out a tanning booth. - Evelyn Murray (Family Nurturing and Caring for family, Inc. http://familynurturingcaringforfamilyweb-org.webs.com/

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