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Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform (Cir) In 2015!

My family is affected by the backwards immigration system. Love isn't about which part of the world you were born in or how you managed to get here to meet me. Love is about finding that one person in the 6 billion+ that you can't manage to be without and creating your life together. When that life is in visioned in your home country that you found pride in, that you believed in, that you felt safe in-- it is only natural to want to stay here. When you know the trials your new love went to so that they could have a shot at a good life and a chance to live a long life- you understand why they chose your great country. The worst feeling is believing in something and watching it fall apart in front of you. I believed in our processes in the US and our laws. I believed in my right to vote and that my vote had some sort of power. I trusted in my elected officials and truly believed in our systems. That's when I was slapped with the hard reality that our systems are not set up to be successful but designed to get people to stop before they start and ultimately set them up to fail. At 30 years old, after spending my childhood enraptured by politics and so excited to be able to reach 18 so that I could finally exercise my right to vote--to change my country for the better. At 30, when I learned about our immigration system, my heart broke. I remember voting for the border when I lived in Arizona. It made sense when all you saw on the news was gun smugglers and kidnappers and drug dealers crossing the borders. I don't want them here. Put up the fence, right? In my innocence, I never realized that normal people made the dangerous journey across the border to take care of their families. When I was 18 I went to Guatemala and saw the world they lived in. I stayed in a rural area and it was devastatingly eye opening. I had $100 in my pocket to last 3 weeks. I was able to buy gifts for my family, candy and soda for the village kids daily, food and junk for myself and still have money left. The exchange rate was 7:1. 7 quetzales to 1 American dollar. It was like having $700 my pocket. A soda cost around 40 centavos. Which would be equivalent to approximately 5 cents here! I felt like Rockefeller! I didn't stop to think that the standard amount someone makes in a year is under $2000 US dollars. A YEAR. In 2010, 31% of their women were illiterate. 75% of their country lives below the poverty level. 55% lives below the extreme poverty line. 50% of the kids under the age of 5 suffer from chronic under malnutrition. In the highlands that number shoots to 70%. Here's my young, thought I was educated mind, feeling annoyed by the begging. I had no idea. And I wanted to stop these people from wanting our measly $6 an hour at McDonalds jobs? This is a reason why this matters to me. This is just one country. This one country is my heart because it holds the rest of my family. My family because I fell in love with a great man who was birthed in this beautiful country. Recuerdo Guatemala.

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