Homelessness Law

The National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty (NLCHP) continues to serve as the only national legal advocacy organization dedicated to preventing and ending homelessness. Our attorneys fight for society’s most vulnerable members in courtrooms and the halls of legislatures. Through impact litigation, policy advocacy, and public education, the Law Center addresses the root causes of homelessness at the local, state, and national levels. Annually, NLCHP leverages approximately $5 million in pro bono legal services in direct and high-impact litigation, and legal and policy advocacy to serve America’s more than 8 million homeless families and children. Founded by still-serving Executive Director Maria Foscarinis in 1989, NLCHP was created to realize the dream of the McKinney-Vento Act, the primary legal rights document for America’s poor and homeless. Over its 23-year history, NLCHP has grown to now boast 12 full-time staff operating dozens of programs across the country that serve hundreds of thousands of homeless individuals and those at risk of becoming homeless.