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Expose All Animal Abusers Support Registries For Animal Abusers

I myself have Resque 2 kitty's and one dog. I would adopt more if I had the space. ANYONE WHO ABUSES AN ANIMAL IS A SICK M-F Our animals are our children they depend on us to take care of them. And all the love you receive from your sweetheart pet is unconditional Love . I come home not feeling to hot than I open the front door to I Love You Mom Were Have You been o I'm so happy to see you. I cannot wrap my head around the FACT that there are some Evil Sick MFERS that make a living cock fighting or dog fighting. So much more sick things. I remember the cowboys were kicking around a little dog I scooped him up and well use your amagination on what I told them. My Dad said we couldn't keep I begged the Vice Princable to give the dog a home. Well he took that dog and he lived a long loving life.

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