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I am a woman of faith who has survived extreme abuse and trauma due to God's plans for me. I am writing a trilogy about the horrifyhing exploitation and brutally cruel experiences I received at the hands of the United States Government. Google, Mk-Ultra and help educate and raise awareness regarding this inhumane injustice. Regards, Maryam Ruhullah

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Help An Iraqi Single Mom Get Justice!

Justice should not be an illusive specter looming in a dark corner of global society. When lives are destroyed via war, the consequences of the bombs and indifference should both acknowledgement and compensation. As citizens of a civilized world, we can not ignore the crimes against humanity which unfortunately occur daily on the world theatre. Please participate in this initiative and help both repair and strengthen the core values of a civilized world. War and hatred accomplish nothing but lessening the noble capacity of the human experience. We, the populous, are better than the cruelty and brutality we in our silence allow to prevail. Please help by signing this petition and contributing in any way that you can. Thank you, Madaline E States

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