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We Want Justice For Clara The Pitbull

This story truly breaks my heart... I had to put my Harley down due to a big dog little dog "fight" on my property. I didn't blame the golden retriever who grabbed his neck after Harley growled and lunged at him. But, because I've been asking my neighbor for years to keep his dogs on his property I felt I had to give him the vet bill when I chose to put Harley down. I also included the cremation bill. By the time I returned to my farm I hard a gunshot and a message was left on my machine stating "now in need the name of your cremator because I just shot Fatboy".... he shot his own dog! People are the problem, not a dog or particular breed. Losing my beloved Maltese was one of the most difficult days if my life, but knowing Fatboy died just to spite me made it worst. RIP sweet Clara...

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