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Facebook Must Block Illicit Images And Videos Of Children

U.S is really fucked up.messed up society. This is not a joke. As easily you can see U.S,so called" Hallywood"movies. All the phycho-,gun shooting,killing the people so easily. Indeed if you turn on the cable channels and internet, you can see all the abusing sex,pornography and drugs,on and on.... Is this O.K? No,Never. Especially for the children and young generations ,it is absolutely worst effect to mentally and physically. This is all our ,adult fault. We have to change the society. We,adults only can change. This is not young generations faults. I am a Japanese origin. In old Japanese says,"the child grow,to watch parents backs" It means by my understanding,No matter how smart you using the words,the children naturally can see as needle the adult's lies. Now already time has passed. We should stop all the draggy crazy stuffs. From now. You want to see.Little girls are getting raped? You want to see the children shooting each other? You still wanna see some young boys get killed by the gun?

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