At the moment I am facing various threats to my life. I am just needing the help of all the peace loving people.

OpEdNews Diary: My Life Is In Real Danger

At the moment I am just needing to be relocated as my life is in real danger. I am facing various threats to my life. :::::::: I have remained regular contributor to OEN for the last so many years. I have always tried my best to write the truth. There will be no denying the the fact that I have always shown the truth to the world. But at the…Read More
I am journalist contributing articles to various online newspapers. At the moment I just want to show my work with the hope that you will give your kind consideration to the cause.

Author's Page for Muhammad Khurshid

Articles Listed By Date   List By Popularity Page 1 of 7    Next   Back   First   Last     View All Tuesday, December 31, 2013                  Pakistan Is Being Ruled by Criminals(1 comments) Pakistan might be the only country…Read More