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Urge For Sc Monitored Cbi Probe Into Death Of Bismarque Dias

Goa which was invaded illegally under the pretext that it has liberated (huh?) on 19 December 1961 after 451 years of Portuguese rule since 1510 is a clear act of aggression/terrorism and therefore the action was not recognised by UN and the Portuguese could go back. The Portuguese with decency said it would let go Goa to India who are "supposedly" a peaceful nation but did not follow the non violence preachings of Mahatma Gandhi as this was incinerated by Nehru and his family and chose violence over peace. Goa has been milked physically since 1961 to the last drop for a cow physically to the last drop. It is alleged that Christians who are just 2% of the population are faced with the dilemma that they should convert to being a Hindu, murders, rapes of women not sparing nuns, killing any one who is an activist particularly those who are reaping to reap Goa's mines, seizing properties of those who are abroad, encouraging tenants not to leave the houses, seizing paddy fields and handing them to the tillers and much much more. Christianity believes in peace and I am not sure when they would reach the pinnacle being the minority and God fearing too. Driving Goans from their own motherland is similar to the exodus of Syrians who are embraced by Europeans but not India and Middle East an inhuman act.

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