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Jim Ross

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We Are Not Free Until Vanunu Is Free

After the WW-II more than 1,000 nuclear bombs have been tested in our planet. On the bottom of the oceans, contaminating it and killing millions of marine species. On deserted zones and uninhabited regions of the Earth. What has been the real purpose of it? To prove something more and more irrational?. Pointing into developing more wars and the "business of war"?. While using those already tested criminal weapons of mass destruction, now on inhabited cities, on bridges, on all infrastructure built on every country? Why ISRAEL, whose philosophy of life, spirituality and main religion is based on the great MOSES teachings? Who only approved the purpose of DEFENSE, but never to dominate, enslave, provoke, attack, destroy as it's happening today in Palestine? Imitating Hitler's wrong behavior against Moses followers?. Then we must conclude that someone or many, are BETRAYING MOSES TEACHINGS. We do have an immense RESPECT for all religions, including Moses lessons to transform into HIGHER LEVELS OF BEINGS. But, clearly, some people who pretend to be "jews", have infiltrated that doctrine and are destroying it. Betraying it and also betraying GOD and humanity, who has trusted its real divine purpose. Why ISRAEL has so many nuclear weapons? Why the international community does not accuse them and attempts to block such perverse purposes? What's wrong with our superpowers, which are proving to represent "nothing of nothing", because they have fallen into the most horrible corruption and evil agenda. Individuals like HENRY KISSINGER, main responsible of the Vietnam War, and also of "OPERATION CONDOR" in Latino America. Where he bought corrupt politicians, greedy and selfish business people, and mentally ill generals, to put into power "illegal military regimes". Dictatorships, who arrested, tortured, assassinated and made their dead bodies disappear, of hundreds of thousands true democrats, who opposed them. HENRY KISSINGER has written books, given seminars, about what he considers an urgent need: Which is to DIMINISH HUMAN POPULATION, to a minimum of a 50%. Billions of people must disappear, according to him. Through WARS and the "business of war". Through MEDICAL LABORATORIES, which produce medical products, which only create new illnesses, instead of healing. Through MONSANTO, and its affiliates, which are poisoning food-seeds, with the excuse of GMO (genetically modified organisms). This insane individual is already protected in positions of power, as a member of many Board of Directors, which rule (corrupt) superpowers and a corrupt international economy. Oriented into increasing POVERTY worldwide, which is another weapon to diminish human population. Pastors, priests, reverends, monks, rabbis, bishops, archbishops, actual Catholic Pope, members of all religions, must STOP being INDIFFERENT to our actual constant human tragedies. Indifference is the same CRUELTY hidden within, and also is a betrayal to the Divinity that we pretend to rule, our lives. THIS IS THE TIME TO EXPOSE THE TRUTH!!! Because the "TRUTH, SHALL SET US FREE!!! JIM ROSS

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