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My entire family and relatives (all the males) came to America from Europe many generations ago.Everyone of them joined a branch of the Miliitary and fought for this great nation.I was born in Walter Reed as was m firstborn due to my age I was a teenage mother.Lfe wasn'talways easy for my mother and siblings though they traveled to foreign lands such as Japan.My father was kept stateside when I was born and after he retired he tried to work a civilian job but wound up working with the MPs.He had a great retirement as a Major and the benefits were alwys th best.He died for this country from the radiaton caused by the atomic bomb in Operation Foxfire at ground zero in Utah.Now the vets are barely noticed.The Vietnam vets first and now the ets coming back without limbs from the middle east.What is wrong with this country when a eso in entertainent is idolized for their talents ,catered too and paid outrageously for something God given and anyone who represents and defends are country are shunned.Please sign this.add I miss you but glad you no longer have to suffer or see how you would be treated now

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