Jesse Baker

This is tragic that a country that was founded on personal liberties and freedoms can help to contribute to Parental Alienation. My son (my only son at the time) that I had a close and loving relationship with up to the time he was 9yr old was judicially kidnaped. Then when mother decided to get remarried she had a slimy lawyer help here take the little time that I had with my son away. I then immediately tried to do everything in my power to get reunited with him. It took me 4 long years just to get Therapeutic supervised visitation started! It took this long because I believed that lawyers I hired paying some $200.00 an hour could and would help me WRONG!!!!In the 3 year time frame that mother had him she poisoned his mind of my love for him and a year that we have been in therapeutic supervised visitation is just starting to undo some of the damage that was caused to him. I believe GOD has let me come to this point in my life to teach me to help others in this same situation. To work to get this broken corrupt Family court system fixed or done away with a new and system in place. If you or a concerned parent or Just a citizen that realizes that our government needs to get back to the Basic and do them well. Get involved help bring back the America that is One Nation under GOD!!! Let Stand Up and Stand out for our freedoms and liberties that generations of Americans paid for with their Lives! Our children need us because if we don’t what type of country will our grandchildren live in?