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Make A Law Animal Abusers Are Tried As If A Human Was Abused

I've seen many different stages of abuse and torture of innocent helpless animals and it hurts me to the core of my being, my heart is saddened by the demonstration of cruelty placed on these creatures. They have feelings, they feel pain they experience fear and they suffer from the horrendous treatment by people that have little regard for life in any form. Some of the offenders are worse than others, regardless of how cruel and criminal their behavior is they continue to prey on defenseless animals because there is little deterent. If there was a Law that prosecuted such behavior as a Crime and offense on the same scale as a person, most of the abuse would be stopped from fear of Prosecution and punishment with a stiff Jail sentence when convicted! WHy should these Criminals be permitted to get off with just a slap on the wrist a fine or other minor penalty? We have these innocent animals in our homes and we treat them as if they are part of our family in most cases, we Love them and would be outraged if someone was to kill or maim one of our little friends. Is'nt this clear enough that WE must protect them against such treatment by enacting a Law that makes it a FELONY OFFENSE and subject to a stiff Prison sentence? We can make this a reality if we make our voices heard and unite against people who violate basic human and animal rights...Won't you HELP to eliminate this behavior by showing your support?

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