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Stop Any Kind Of Safari Hunting In Africa

I remember the Masai well when, in 1963 or '64, three of us traveled from Nigeria to Uganda on a cheap ticket for the Kampala Lawn Tennis Games. We took a bus from Kampala to Moshi in Tanzania. At a reststop, we had conversations with a handsome, proud Masai teen, his body and clothing in camwood and his earlobes with the traditional blocks like those the Buddha must have used in the progress of elongating his ears. In typical "American ignorant fashion", I took out my camera to film a group of Masai males teen waiting at the stop. I even recently told the story of that encounter and that had he not spoken English, I would easily have stereotyped him. He said, "If you want to take our picture, that will be 10 cents each." I still have the slide. His friends and we chatted until the bus trip resumed. They have a rich culture that should not be eliminated for barbaric game hunting. Let's work to help the Masai maintain their culture.

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