Claudia Corrigan D'Arcy

Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy is a mother of four children, the oldest was relinquished to adoption in 1987. She is a writer and editor and the Director of Social Media at DragonSearch, an internet marketing firm in Kingston, NY. Blogging since 2005, she hopes to see national Adoptee Rights laws in place and a complete overhaul of the unethical adoption industry.

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Claudia Corrigan D'Arcy

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Stop "Re Homing"!

Because it's about freaking time!! Read more rantings here: http://www.adoptionbirthmothers.com/reuters-investigates-adoption-re-homing-abuses/ Yes, Do You Think We Should Say Adoption Re-Homing is a Problem? Yes, we probably SHOULD FINALLY PAY ATTENTION!!!! Umm.. guys…not for NOTHING, but I am NOT an NATIONAL Think Tank or the COUNCIL that gets a ridiculous amount of funding to actually PAY ATTENTION TO ADOPTION or has celebrities come to my fundraisers or anything like that. Like really, let’s be honest here: I am a foul mouthed tattooed crazy red head in upstate NY who seriously spends too much time in front of the computer and umm… Guys. I have known about this SHIT FOR YEARS!!! I’m sorry, but really? Let’s NOT pretend that “Oh MY GOD we had NO IDEA!!..shit.. we DEMAND this stop!! sputter sputter! I have been TELLING people about this crap for years. If I knew it, then I am sorry, you damn well knew about it too. Now, I didn’t nearly make it sound as good as Reuters did, but you know again; they are Reuters. I am one chick in the Hudson Valley. They have funding. I have Google. But, I have been saying it!! It goes like this; “Yeah and then, there are all these underground networks. It’s crazy. Totally illegal and no one is even watching. They move kids from one adoptive family to another. Sometimes it’s because the kids aren’t meeting their expectations or something.. or they don’t “bond” as expected.” Here’s a little secret for you.. So you know, maybe you can do more than just SPUTTER when Reuters or 60 Minutes or someone catches you with your pants down the next time; IT’S STILL GOING ON!! And it’s GOING TO CONTINUE.

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