Elayne Woodall

Graduated from Stonewall Jackson High School in Manassas, Virginia. Worked as a nurse mostly in Retirement and Nursing Homes. I have one son and four grandchildren. Currently live in Culpeper, Virginia. Became rudely awakened through a personal experience of the need to get people involved and aware of the problems that need changes immediately to protect our children. It has become my driving passion and to my surprise has caused me unforseen problems as my determination seems to have a reaction of authorities, agencies, and government I was unprepared for. Instead of given immediate guidance and assistance, I seem to be irritating and am getting avoided and "stone-walled". As I persist, I find more and more troublesome realities with problems that need to be addressed and changed - however - doing so is the reason I began this site. If you are a parent...check your states legislation...you likely will be shocked. If you are in Virginia, and are a Grandparent...you have NO rights concerning your grandchildren!