Adityaa Upadhyay's supporters

  • breast_cancer
    Jan Vajda

    Attorney at Law Namestovo, Slovakia, Europe,

  • vegan_power
    Lorraine Wardley

    Please help the animals... 'You' are their voice!!

  • florida
    Childrens Rights Florida

    Fighting to preserve Parent–Child relationships to improve the lives of children and strengthen society by protecting the child’s rights to BOTH Parents.

  • peace
    Lucia Asara
  • traditional_marriage
    Alexandria Benson

    "Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so. Little ones to him belong, they are weak but He is strong."

  • animal_rights
    DeAngelo Dawn

    Am here for anyone whom needs me.

  • animal_adoption
    Elisa Alvarez


  • make_love_not_war
    Stacy Faulkner

    I'm a huge activist and hope my passion for Love & Peace can make a change.

  • vegan_power
    Grace Foote

    You can't love animals and eat them too. The only thing I regret about being vegan, is not becoming one sooner.

  • education_for_all
    Princess Judith Desalu-Ogunmuyiwa

    Founder & CEO Solutions To Poverty Org. mission is to promote ,educate, support human rights & alleviate POVERTY.

  • animal_rights
    Animals Voice

    Animals Voice activity was created through animal lovers support and is made to help stray animals and other animals in need. We are here for animals!

  • think_global
    Naz Danae B
  • animal_adoption
    Nancy Ouellet
  • shop_local
    Hazel Chism

    Founder and Principal at Promise Seed CDC, Inc Jackson, Tennessee 38301 (731) 424-6915

  • give_blood
    Lyndsey Heffner
  • Promise Seed CDC, Inc

    Promise Seed CDC, Inc is an "official not for profit" at Causes. We have provided grassroots organizing in Jackson, TN and surrounding co... Read more

  • save_the_whales
    Christine Rome
  • humans_are_not_a_commodity
    Apata Ronnie

    A Lesbian from Nigeria. A Human Rights Activist in Britain for equality & freedom of LGBTIs, women & children over the world against injustices and persecution

  • cancer_research_saves_lives
    Riley Geelen
  • autism_awareness
    Tayshia Frary

    I am a first time mom, and I have a beautiful baby girl that I love so much. She makes my day, their are rough times that I faced, such as, not sleeping as much, making her bottles , her crying but I feel like this a baby and a baby can`t do things themselves. I don`t get mad or anything, I love when she wakes me up or stay up with her because she wants me. I feel I want to be her eyes , her everything because at the end of the day I know I am doing my job. I love having as a daughter she made feel so much love I never had, she change me. Their are going to be hard times but it will be all worth going through. I feel when you get mad , your ready to snap think of a song and sing or breathing excise . I hope child abuse would stop because once you lose that child you can`t go back in time. I love being a mom and what ever I go through I can handle it.

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