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    Matei Gabriela

    My name is Matei Gabriela are in Timisoara Romania and dare in tears please help me somehow I found some nice sponsori.Stiu is not that asking for help but do not know what to do to find some sponsors for. a playground in 2007 pt.copii.Ma struggle but fail because here in Timisoara mayor wanted to make a church in this place but I resisted and then I still struggle to do something pt.cei dozens of children who come to the park not to inhale dust not be so threatening that reusesc.De pt.ei but I thought to write because I reached desperation and I thought there among fans that there is any help us with something we can support bani.daca you somehow give me a sign please and I will give more details. will send No, the account if you can help me somehow Timisoara branch RO54INGB0000999900308496

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    Nick Manu