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    Undine Donagi
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    Tammy Rought
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    Lisa White

    I am who I am. My passion in life has always been and always will be animals of all kinds! Large, small, wild, domestic, it doesn't matter! Till the end of my life, my last breath, I will always and forever speak for the voiceless and try to make a difference for animals! I highly caution ALL people, if you are in any way connected with hurting an animal, even as a witness and do nothing, u must stay the hell away from me! I will NOT tolerate you! Rather I will make your life as miserable as possible :) As for all other animal lovers (true to the soul) lovers of animals, I invite you all to please add me on FB ... Have a great day

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    Caroline Luley

    I am a writer, blogger, astrologer, tarot reader, gardener, animal advocate, animal rescuer, kitty mommy, lover of all living things. Live and let live is a great motto but I like to add "in love and light". That's me.