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    Drue Cali
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    Unidentified Activist

    WAGE RATIO: Top earners in a company should not be allowed to earn more than a gov't-determined multiple of the lowest salary in the company. Sign the petition.

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    Zach Rockwell
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    Leslie Howry
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    Jessica Trotti Matthew

    I am an animal lover of all breeds of all over the world. I will pretty much join any cause to help protect the worlds wildlife. I do have other causes that mean a lot to me such as child abuse causes, certain medical causes, peace causes, helping the troops is another one that I always will support. I have volunteered with all types of animals and worked with the poor and the sick of humanity as well. I believe all animals and humans alike shouldn't have to worry about extinction, cruelty or where they are going to get their next meal or medication.

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    Lynn McCormack
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    Ingrid Alpha
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    Laurie Brewer

    Animals & nature deserve so much more than the hell too many humans cause them/it...we need to keep fighting & do as much good as we can...do no harm

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    Tamara Reyne
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    Sharon King
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