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Stop Elephant And Rhino Poaching In Africa

Elephants ~ perhaps the most compassionate animals who share this earth with us. Those who study them, who know them well, find a complex social structure, deep bonds of family and community, an elegant peaceful love among all generations. When one dies, she is mourned over years and years. When one is born, she is celebrated, loved and nurtured by all. These are magnificent creatures. We all would do well to live in communities like the ones they create for themselves. Their most dangerous predator is, I'm ashamed to say it: US. Please contribute to this modest but well conceived project to expand their areas of safety and strengthen their protection from poachers. If you're interested, read LEAVING TIME by Jodi Picault. Her deep portrayal of elephant behavior and society inspired my own curiosity and research. We must protect these peaceful loving intelligent creatures, if we pretend to claim those same qualities for ourselves.

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